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"you didn't upset me don't worry!!! you're probably right but yeah it's kinda hard to actually WANT to try to go out more and get better and shit but I guess tumblr makes me feel comfortable with/accepting of beeing anxious all the time which makes me feel better in the short term but then I get stuck in social-avoidance ruts & in the long run that's prob not a good thing yeah I guess I can see your point there"

yes yeS SEE it takes a long time for it to finally click but that is exactly it, like it makes it feel okay to be like this but in the long run it’s really not and i just kinda think i’d rather get out now and try and deal with it instead of staying here and not getting any better then finding myself with no direction in life later when i’ve really gotta go out and do something good with my life

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"I wholeheartedly agree with a lot of what you said in your post, and good for you that you have the willpower etc to leave this site however regards your point of "just making a post about feminism etc wont do anything go out and do something" i would LOVE to go out and organise things however I live in a very remote area in a small town, and i am unable to finance "real" activism. Not everyone is physicallly or mentally able to facilitate doing things outside of the internet"

i live in literally the middle of no where and i’m not even super pro feminism but i’ve even participated in a feminist event in my town, you just gotta look for stuff to do :-) i know it’s not easy and i’m not trying to blame u for not doing stuff at all just in general i think people need to try a lil harder however hard it is, nothing is that easy in life. even if you can’t finance something (i completely understand that) just look around for things and maybe do something even if it’s just within your school, and good luck with everything!!

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Bye :-( I’m sorry you’ve put up with so much bullshit

aah it’s not your fault sweetie i can honestly say you’re not responsible anything other than good green day posts!! bye ily!!

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"Hi, can I just say that everything you wrote in your text post about why you're "leaving" tumblr is 100% right? I saw it on one of my follower's blogs and I feel the absolute exact same way as you. Everything you said was insightful and correct especially about how tumblr actually breeds passivity rather than making people more active for their causes. If you ever see this I just want to say good for you! Go live your life apart from this place, much love <333"


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"I just read your rant (yes, from front to back) and I honestly agree. But since I have nothing better to do with my day, I keep lingering on here and I just love the posts about actors and bands and such, so I try to ignore the shit that gets on my nerves by compensating with that. But I do really agree with you. It started out fun, but by now we are as bad as the outside world. We can't start a revolution from here. I am going to miss you and your posts of Billie Joe and Green Day on my dash!"

aah man i’m glad you agree because i don’t think anyone else does!! i don’t have a whole lot to do either but i’ve found even if i’m just watching tv instead it’s at least not getting me down like being on here often does. aw dude i’m really gonna miss you too!! please follow me on twitter or s/t if you have it because i don’t wanna lose u all ily

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"Just about something you said re going out and actually doing something like idk it's not that easy for a lot of people I mean I can't talk to people/be in public places/even leave my room long bc of my anxiety and I know everyone seems to have anxiety nowadays &cope but that doesn't change the fact that doing things usually makes me shake so bad people think I'm having a fit and yeah not whining about my problems here but js it's not really as simple and easy no matter how much i want it to be"

no man i understand like i don’t have anxiety as bad as other people but i used to be a lot worse like i still find it super hard to talk to people and go out and meet new people and do new things but the thing is i’ve just realised that not doing anything about it means it’s never gonna get better!! i’ve just tried to do things a little at a time and focus more on becoming a more confident person instead of just accepting that i’m shitty and i know it’s not easy trust me it’s the hardest thing i’ve ever promised myself i’m going to do but i really want to all the same because i don’t wanna be like this forever. i hope u get the confidence to go out more bit by bit because idk who you are but i know you deserve to feel better about yourself and i’m not saying it’s the same for you but i know for sure that for me staying on this site isn’t going to help. it’s not gonna be easy but this is only making it worse ok idk what else to say but i didn’t mean to upset you okay!!

reasons i’m leaving tumblr/not coming on as much/not getting involved with anything other than occasional reblogging any more/why i generally dislike this website

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i hhate this website i’m done i’m leaving goodbye

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Billie Joe Armstrong: Pipeline for a Cure 2013

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Matthew Perry as Chandler Bing through the seasons of Friends [1994-2004]

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